Sprint 4 Retrospective

Since the last sprint retrospective blog post, our team has begun to work on some of the components described in the first video. We are referring to the template wire frame layouts from the Zeppelin website, and we are working on form 1d in particular. It is still not very clear how to move forward and what to work on; the only way to make any progress is to keep focusing and thinking about what can be done and what to try looking at. The Angular Materials Design seemed to open the way into making progress. It established a much clearer way to begin the actual programming part of making the components. Everything we have done up to this point seems irrelevant now, but now things seem to be picking up in pace.

I have not begun writing any code myself, so my goal for the next sprint is to start writing code and finish an actual component. With the new angular materials design tool we are using now, this should be doable, since a lot of the code just comes from there, and it’s just a matter of implementing it by changing some small details. Progress has been slow, but progress is being made. I tried looking through the material design code to get started on the 1d form, so I tried copying out the template code and running it, but the CSS does not seem to be working. There was a series of errors that were resolved by installing a few things, and after getting through all of them and opening the webpage, the page shows up with the component in it but without any formatting or styling. The HTML code uses some made-up tags, and the angular code is meant to interpret it and apply the styling code, but there is not anywhere in the template HTML code that actually refers to another file that would be needed to interpret it. I do not know how this is supposed to work or how exactly this code is intended to be used, so a bit more research and testing and trial and error is required in order to get it to work.

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