Sprint 5 Retrospective

Since the last sprint retrospective blog post, our team has struggled to get the component we have been working on to show up correctly. It has been determined that the formatting code will not be applied to the component if it is just opened by itself in a browser. It is necessary for the amrs server to be running first, and then the component will show up at localhost:4200. We made progress once another group had us make a copy of their component and try to get theirs working for us, since they already had it working for them. I ran the commands cd amrs-simple-app, cd ampath-simple-app, git, checkout Tabs, git pull origin Tabs to make a copy of their component. Then I tried ng serve, and that errored, so I googled the error and found the solution and entered the command npm install –save-dev @angular-devkit/build-angular, npm audit fix, ng serve –prod, and then it worked. I waited for it to say “Compiled successfully” and opened localhost:4200 and the component showed up, correctly formatted.

Since that is out of the way now, we should be able to actually finish the one component we have been trying to get working for the last month. We should probably be able to do a second component, too, since the thing that has been holding us back the whole time has been solved. Now we can go back to our component, apply the solution that worked to display the other team’s component, and finish getting it to work and move on with the project.

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